Due to Covid-19 we are unable to accommodate rentals at this time. We hope we may be able to in the future when there is less health risk and supply shortage. Until then, thank you for understanding. 
Read our current Covid-19 policy here.

We are conveniently located along the Minuteman Bikeway, 2 miles from Alewife, in Arlington, MA. We are between the Washington Street access and Mill Street Crossing. If coming from Alewife, you may either walk the 2 miles on the bicycle path or take the 79 bus and get off by Stop & Shop. 

The Minuteman Bikeway is one of the most popular rail-trails in the U.S. and passes through the historic area where the American Revolution began in April 1775. Locals and residents flock to the path, which connects to Alewife “T” Station in Cambridge, MA, making it a convenient getaway for those visiting the Boston area.

Rates and Late Fees
Hybrid bicycle rentals are $16 per hour $60 for the day. Tandem rentals are $20 per hour and $80 for the day. Child trailer rentals are $12 per hour and $50 for the day. The bicycle, lock, and helmet must be returned to the shop 30 minutes prior to the close of business each day. It is your responsibility to inquire about our closing time each day. Any bicycle not returned by closing will be assessed a $20 late fee per 15 minutes the bicycle is late. If bicycles are not returned within 30 minutes of closing (without notice), you agree to have your credit card charged for the full purchase price of the bicycle.

No reservations. First come, first served. Full payment is due when bicycle, lock, and helmet are returned. Credit card numbers will be added to your rental agreement to ensure return of rental equipment. Payment may be made in cash or with a credit card when bicycles are returned. The renter will be charged for repairs or replacement of damaged or lost equipment and assessed a cleaning fee for returning excessively dirty equipment. Please treat our equipment as if it were your own or better. A valid credit card is required as a security measure against lost or stolen equipment. The renter is responsible for the full value of rented equipment. Your card will be charged for this full value only in the event that equipment is lost, stolen, or not returned by closing on the day of rental. Please be advised closing times vary. Check with a shop employee before leaving the shop. No refunds are possible after the rental begins. No refunds will be made due to weather conditions, equipment returned early, or for equipment rented but not used.